Sunday, January 4, 2015

Stacking the Shelves (79)

 Stacking The Shelves, a weekly meme from Tynga's Reviews
where I list what I've read, what I've reviewed, what I've acquired
and anything else worth mentioning
  • Mad for You by Anna Antonia
  • Ever After Drake by Keary Taylor
  • Embrace the Dark by Caris Roane
  • Sweet Perdition by Cynthia Rayne
  • Touch Me by Tamara Hogan
  • Sacred Places by Mandy M Roth
  • Tactical Magic by Mandy M Roth
  • Tease by Cambria Hebert
  • Wolf Claimed by Mercedes Bleau
  • Let It Go by Amanda Hough
  • Before You GO by Clare James
  • Deadly Intentions by Lily Harper Hart
  • Awakening the Bear by Serena Nox
  • Isabella by Loretta Chase
  • Blood Moons by Alianne Donnelly
  • Dirty Tricks by Xandra James
  • Poppeia and the Petticoat Club by Elizabeth Moss

Let it Snow
4 Star Review

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