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{eARC Romance Review} The Billionaire's Baby Swap (The Montanari Marriages #1) by Rebecca Winters

The Billionaire's Baby Swap (The Montanari Marriages, #1)

The Billionaire's Baby Swap (The Montanari Marriages #1) by

Two babies…one family?
Single mom Valentina Montanari was abandoned while pregnant, yet she's besotted with her tiny son, Ric. But why does he look nothing like her?
Gorgeous billionaire Giovanni Laurito bonded with his new baby, Vito, after a difficult divorce, so discovering Vito and Ric were swapped at birth is a huge shock!
When Valentina and Giovanni meet to reclaim their children, sparks fly. They've already fallen for each other's babies… Could this unexpected beginning create the family of their dreams?
(Blurb via Goodreads)
{Details} eARC, Kindle Edition, 256 pages.Published April 1st 2016 by Harlequin Romance . Source: eARC provided in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley

{Rating} 3/5 - I liked it!


Sweet, cute story. I liked Valentina and Giovanni, they're both trying to do the very best for their kids while working through their own issues, and pasts, his failed marriage and life/work balance and her career issues and affair she regrets. The boys really stole the show, they're cute and loving and charming. Valentina and Giovanni were both more forgiving than I would have been but they're right, when your heart is full of love there isn't room for anything else. If you're looking for a sweet, heartwarming story, give The Billionaire's Baby Swap a try.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

{eARC Review} Midnight Marked (Chicagoland Vampires #12) by Chloe Neill

Midnight Marked (Chicagoland Vampires, #12)

As the Chicagoland Vampires series continues, Merit and Ethan find themselves in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, where winning may require the ultimate sacrifice...

A vampire’s grudges don’t stay dead long...

Merit is one of Chicago's most skilled vampire warriors; these days, she doesn't scare easily. But she and Master vampire Ethan have made a new and powerful enemy, and he won't give up until he owns the Windy City.

With his last plan thwarted, he's more determined than ever to watch Cadogan burn. Ethan has put the House's vampires on high alert, but their enemy will stop at nothing, including pitting vampire against vampire...

In this deadly game of cat-and-mouse, the stakes are life or death—and winning might mean sacrificing everything...
(Blurb via Goodreads)
{Details} eARC, 361 pages. Published March 1st 2016 by NA. Source: eARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
{Rating} 5/5 - I loved it!


I love the Chicagoland Vampire series; a smart, strong heroine, brave, devoted friends, great storylines! The gang is all back in Midnight Marked and facing a new mystery of magic and murder.

Ethan has secrets, you don't live as long as he had without gathering a few secrets, and we learn a few of them. And when Ethan and Merit go to a club wee see a whole new side of our favorite master. We all see him lose his cool and generally act very un-Ethan like. Ethan and Merit are at odds more than once and while I hate seeing my favorite couple unhappy we also get to see them dealing with their differences.

Chloe Neill, as always, delivers a fast paced, exciting story that leaves me eager for the next installment.

{eARC Minute Review} Rare Form (Descended of Dragons #1) by Jen Crane

Rare Form (Descended of Dragons, #1)

Rare Form (Descended of Dragons #1) by

A Secret Past
Fiery redhead Stella Stonewall can’t decide between a margarita and a manhattan.
The rest of her life? Please. Stella has never really fit in, and her pretty world comes crashing down when she learns it was never her world at all.
Rowan Gresham is domineering, brooding, and as sexy as chocolate-dipped sin. When he transports Stella to the magical realm of her parents she recognizes her rightful place immediately. Gresham’s motivations are less clear.

A Scorching Chemistry
The enigmatic Gresham aids in Stella’s metamorphosis and their chemistry ignites, though a long-time girlfriend and a significant age difference stand in the way.

A Battle for the Rest of Her Life
Stella’s life fast-tracks to extraordinary when she enrolls at Radix Citadel for Supernatural Learning, an enchanted college whose students turn furry on the regular. As Stella learns to navigate the magical new world of Thayer she must also find her animal form, a task as elusive as her ancestry. Stella soon faces an even greater challenge: staying alive long enough to learn to manipulate an animal form she never knew she possessed.
(Blurb via Goodreads)
{Details} eARC, 220 pages, Published October 6th 2015 by Carpe Noctem Publishing, LLC. Source: eARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

{Rating} 4/5 - I really liked it


A promising first installment, characters that I want to see more of and an exciting storyline. Author Jen Crane has created an interesting take on the 'special one' trope with enough twists and turns that I didn't see coming to keep my attention.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

{ARC Review} How Willa Got Her Groove Back (Creative HeArts #2) by Emily McKay

How Willa Got Her Groove Back (Creative HeArts, #2; Willa and Finn #1)

How Willa Got Her Groove Back (Creative HeArts #2) by

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains an unbelievably hot bad boy, an unbelievably famous actress, and all the drama that comes with adding both to your family. Oh, and a forbidden flirtation with a soon-to-be stepbrother.

When Willa Schofer’s father comes home from a business trip with an über-famous new fiancée, Willa’s senior year blows up in paparazzi-fueled flames. Overnight, she has a new house, a new car, and a new soon-to-be stepbrother—the unbelievably hot, unbelievably arrogant, Finn McCain. Thank god he’s constantly pushing her buttons, or she might do something irresponsible. Like fall for the jerk.

Just when Willa’s decided to avoid him for, oh, ever, Finn lands in the center of her senior project team. Seriously—how hard is it to shake a guy? At least her work on the project snagged the attention of the (second) hottest guy in school. He might only be into her because of her famous stepmom, and he’s not quite as exciting as a certain annoying housemate, but at least she’s allowed to crush on the guy.

Because crushing on your annoying stepbrother? So not cool.

Willa and Finn Book 2 coming November 14, 2016
(Blurb via Goodreads)
{Details} eARC. Published February 22nd 2016 by Entangled: Crush. Source: eARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

{Rating} 4/5 - I really liked it!


Finn is a complex hero. Every scene it seems that we see another facet of him. He's jaded but he can also be kind and thoughtful. He's seen and done everything. He's also not a noble hero - at least he plays it like he isn't. He has an agenda. I found myself unable to blame Finn for the choices he makes, he's between a rock and a hard place.

I liked Willa from the start. She's had a terrible week at home and at school. She expected more of the same but her life has been totally turned upside down. She's got a good heart, her struggles with home and school seem relatable, even her bratty moments feel believable.
Finn and Willa have both been through a lot with their parents, both have had to be the parent at times, giving them a connection that few others can share.

The parents. Willa's dad confused me. What we see of him is nothing like the guy Willa tells us he is. She doesn't take her dad's new relationship well, the way most kids would react, but after seeing how her dad changes, including changing his feelings about big decisions such as their home and a vehicle for Willa, I think she has a right to be concerned. Mia, the future step-mom. Mia seems more like a child than anything else. I hope to see something else from her in the future.

I can't believe we have to wait until November to see the next installment in Willa and Finn's series.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Stacking the Shelves (137)

 Stacking The Shelves, a weekly meme from Tynga's Reviews
where I list what I've read, what I've reviewed, what I've acquired
and anything else worth mentioning

Ummm. I'm going to have to repeat this: I'm sooo behind. Will hopefully get back to more consistent posting soon.

  • Dare by Glenna Sinclair
  • Caged Desire by Sydney Somers
  • Ancient Magic by Linsey Hall
  • Sugar Rush by Tracey Ward
  • Victor by Brianna West
  • Fall Deep by Zoe York
  • Crash and Burn by Michele Callahan
  • Dragon's Mate for Life by Sky Winters
  • Sorcha: Awaken by Susan Alford and Lesley Smith
  • Releasing The Wolf by Dianna Hardy
  • Dethroning Crown by Lila Felix
  • Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan
  • From the Beginning by Mignon Mykel
  • The Rock Star Next Door by Joanna Blake
  • Sacrificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan
  • Harlow by Juliana Conners
  • Breakaway by Ali Parker
  • Hero by M.S. Parker
  • Spearwood Book One by A.S. Oren
  • Shy by Stacy Kupiec
  • Taken by the Werewolves by Crystal Shaw
  • Their Virgin's Secret by Shayla Black
  • Just One Kiss by Jill Shalvis
  • Street Game by Christine Feehan
  • Twenty by Janet Evanovich

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