Thursday, January 8, 2015

{Romance Minute Review} Midwinter Magic (Nether-Netherland) by Erica Ridley

Midwinter Magic

After an eye-opening congressional hearing, former corporate shark Jack Morgan redirects his ill-gotten gains toward charity work. However, his attempts to bring holiday cheer to a Bolivian village meet with one disaster after another: canceled flights, crumbling luggage, implacable customs officials. His plans disintegrate further when he runs into a sexy tourist with . . . wings?

As Jack's guardian angel, Sarah Phimm has her work cut out for her. When his latest volunteer mission risks his life, she's forced to reveal herself to him—but only in part. She can't risk him knowing the truth. He's everything her immortal heart desires, but can never have. She soon discovers that keeping him safe amidst death bridges and tumbling telephone poles is far easier than guarding her heart.
(Blurb via Goodreads)
{Details} ebook. Published November 20th 2013 by Smashwords Edition. Source: ebook provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

{Rating} 3/5 - I liked it!

"Jack Morgan swung his heavy burlap sacks off the back of the strangers' pickup truck." (page 1, line 1)

A cute, fast, heartwarming story. Jack is generous, enthusiastic, selfless, dedicated to making amends for a life where he wasn't so generous and selfless and is absolutely determined to making Christmas fabulous for a poor town in Bolivia.

Sarah is a guardian angel who has spent centuries watching every moment of her charges' lives. Jack is her latest charge and though she's determined to keep him alive and do her job to the best of her abilities she can't help but falling in love with him. And that's just the first rule she breaks. How are they going to get their happily ever after when everything seems against them?

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