Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Book Birthday! On the Edge of Destiny (Vampire SEALs #3) by S.B. Alexander

On the Edge of Destiny (Vampire SEALs #3)

On the Edge of Destiny (Vampire SEALs #3) by 
Life has never been better for Jo Mason. Her powers are growing, and so is her relationship with the handsome Vampire SEAL, Webb London. Nothing can burst her bubble. Not her upcoming trial for the death of her nemesis, Blake Turner. Not even when she learns her DNA is the key for her enemy to build an army of vampires. Until she has a recurring dream that involves Webb’s future. 

Webb has an important SEAL mission looming. He and his team must rescue a comrade who has been missing in action. He hates to leave Jo, but duty calls. He can’t trust in an old myth that dreams could be the window to the future. Not when a life is on the line. Not even if it’s his own.
 (Blurb via Goodreads)
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I love S.B. Alexander's Vampire SEALs series - as well as her Maxwell series - go check them out, I bet you'll enjoy them too.

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