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{Adult Review} Echo Prophecy (Echo Trilogy Book 1) by Lindsey Fairleigh

{Adult Review} Echo Prophecy (Echo Trilogy Book 1) by Lindsey Fairleigh

"...we only see what we want to see...what we expect to see..."

Discover what's hidden--a powerful, mythic race, an ancient Egyptian prophecy, and a love strong enough to shatter the boundaries of time.

Alexandra Larson isn't human...but she doesn't know that. As far as Lex is concerned, she's simply an ambitious and independent archaeology grad student with a knack for deciphering ancient languages, especially the various forms of Egyptian. When she's recruited to work on her dream excavation, her translating skills uncover the secret entrance to an underground Egyptian temple concealed within Djeser-Djeseru--the famous mortuary temple of Queen Hatchepsut. Lex is beyond thrilled by her is the enigmatic and alluring excavation director, Marcus Bahur.

As the relationship between Lex and Marcus heats up, a series of shocking revelations leave the young archaeologist reeling. Once Lex discovers the truth of her ancient Egyptian roots--the truth of her more-than-human nature--the people she trusts most make one final, terrifying revelation: Lex is the central figure of a four-thousand-year-old prophecy. She is the only thing standing between the power to alter the very fabric of time and an evil megalomaniac...who also happens to be her father. As events set in motion over four millennia ago lead Lex and Marcus from Seattle to the heart of Egypt, the fate of mankind depends on one thing: the strength of Lex's love. (Blurb via Goodreads)
{Details} Paperback, 382 pages. Published August 16th 2013 by L2 Books. Source: Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

{Rating} 4/5 - I really liked it!

"I thought I knew people. I didn't." (page 1, line 1-2)
I was captured from the first page and the story kept my attention to the very last page. The concept was great, Fairleigh's re-imagining of mythological figures, the Nejerets, the At and the ba, claiming and bonding. Very intriguing.

There's a fairly large cast of characters but they all managed to retain their individuality. Marcus. Can you say alpha male? Broody. Bossy. Full of secrets. Unaccustomed to being challenged and questioned.

I liked Lex. She has had a lot thrown at her - the girl can't catch a break. Fairleigh did a good job in putting us in Lex's shoes, confused, overwhelmed, thrust into a new world that we learned about alongside her. She did have her bratty and too stupid to live moments, but doesn't everyone?

I had hoped that archeology would be a bigger part of the book, there's some at the beginning and then a little more at the end. And the 'family relationships'? Ick. At least it doesn't get descriptive.

I want to see what happens next, to Lex and Marcus (and Marcus and Lex together? Having a relationship? I imagine it will be stormy and interesting). And I want to see more of all the other characters I've become attached to, Kat, Dominic, Neffe, Alexander. And what about the Nothingness? And Set? More please.

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  1. Thank you for the review! I love that you've formed an attachment to the characters--Dominic is one of my all-time favorites. :)