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{Paranomal/Urban Fantasy Review} First World (A Walker Saga #1) by Jaymin Eve

 {Paranomal/Urban Fantasy Review} First World (A Walker Saga #1) by Jaymin Eve

A paranormal romance series.
An epic journey.
If the Seventine are released, will anyone survive?

Abigail Swish might not love her life, living in gang-ridden New York in 2035 and training to fight and survive with Compound 23. But she is grateful for a few things, especially her no-filter-between-brain-and-mouth best friend Lucy and her escape each night into a dream world far different from her own.

In fact, sometimes she lives for the fleeting moments she spends at night with the man who fuels every romantic fantasy she’s ever had. But each morning reality returns. She could just cry. But she won’t of course; tears don’t change a damn thing.

Then without any warning, a month before her eighteenth birthday, everything does change. A guardian finds her. He explains, in a strangely familiar accent, that she was stashed on Earth for safekeeping and has been lost to her family ever since. And it is time to return home. To the First World; a land of unimagined beauty.

Abigail and Lucy find themselves escaping New York, ending up on another planet and traversing through an unforgiving wilderness. Yeah, because that sort of thing just happens every day. Luckily an unexpected saviour arrives; the man from her dream-world. Brace is six-and-a-half feet of gorgeous perfectness, wrapped in an arrogance like no other. Unable to trust his assistance, and unsure which of her instincts to follow - kiss him or punch him in the mouth - Abigail eventually accepts his help to find her family.

And what a family. Enter Josian, her father; larger than life and apparently not even human. He is Walker, a planet-less race revered as gods, causing mischief and mayhem through-out this star-system. Unfortunately, there is no time for a cosy reunion, since no one explained that by returning to First World her half-Walker genetics would act as a catalyst setting forth a chain of events which could spell disaster for not only her existence but that of all worlds. (Blurb via Goodreads)
{Details}Ebook, 362 pages. Published July 10th 2013 by Createspace. Source: Amazon

{Rating} 4/5 - I really liked it!

"I glanced over my shoulder at the approaching darkness." (page 1, line 1)
A little bit of a lot of things, a bit of dystopian, fantasy, intrigue, sci fi and romance. The concept is intriguing, the plot interesting, the characters fascinating, the idea of Walkers, very cool. And the cover - love the cover.

Abby is a great heroine. She's a strong girl and can kick ass, qualities necessary to survive in a NYC where you're either hiding or being hunted. But she's not so great with the common sense, risking her very life just to go running? Not smart. The rest of the cast of characters are just as great, fashion addict best friend Lucy, Walker Josian, mama bear Lalli, Protector Quarn, and handsome Brace.

My favorite part was the sisterhood between Abby and Lucy. I loved their snark and baiting and utter devotion to each other. Their banter made me laugh out loud more than once. There is a lot going on in the story, Walkers and Dream Spanners and the gangs and Abby's real identity, sometimes it felt that there was too much going on to really do it justice. I also had issues with the pacing, the story seemed to lag and then everything happened fast and then lagged again.

The story ends with a cliffhanger, lives in peril, many unanswered questions... the usual cliffhanger fodder, but it definitely made me want to read the yet to be released book two, Spurn. And it's book one of seven? Wow.

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