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{Book Blitz} Kiss the Tiger by Raquel Lyon

Kiss the Tiger by Raquel Lyon
Publication date: September 1st 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Amy’s love life sucks. At college, she thought she’d found the man of her dreams, but then she hadn’t planned on his brother’s sadistic intervention, and after that night, Amy’s life was never the same.
Deciding the only way to forget is to move on, she searches for comfort in the arms of other men, but the satisfaction she craves remains  elusive. No amount of one night stands can replace her lost love.

On a long awaited summer holiday, her sister hopes to change Amy’s luck, planning to find them both plenty of sexy fun on the hot summer nights. Sadly, an unforeseen turn of events threatens to drive a wedge into their sisterly love.

{An Interview with Joshua Jackson Star of ‘Kiss the Tiger’ by Raquel Lyon}

Welcome Joshua. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
Not much to say, really. *rubs chin* I come from an average working class family: Mum, dad, brother, conventional set-up. Mum’s an admin assistant; Dad’s an accountant. It’s pretty mundane stuff. If you’re looking for drama you won’t find it.

But things with your brother were pretty dramatic, no?
We fought. What brothers don’t?

I believe there was a little more to it than that. Tell us about the events that led you to be in Greece.
My brother’s always been a taker, but when he stole something from me, something very dear to me. It caused a big upset in our family. I was in Greece at the request of my parents. They demanded my brother and me reconcile.

And did you?
Haven’t you read the story? All I’ll say is that, although the conflicts I’ve had with Jacko have made me a stronger person, I’m through trying to make it work.

So Greece wasn’t a holiday for you.
Hell, no. I had to work every damn day. Of course, things looked up after Amy arrived.

You first met Amy at college, correct?

What was your initial impression of her?
She had a great rack!

And seriously?
What makes you think I wasn’t being serious? *shrugs* Okay, she intrigued me.

Why did you give up on her so easily, back then?
After what happened, I thought I’d be a constant reminder. I couldn’t put her through any more pain.

Have you ever discussed what happened?
Not in detail. And we never will. Amy dealt with it in her own way, and we’ve moved on. Can we change the subject, please?

Okay. What do you love most about her?
That’s easy. I love the way she stares at me when she thinks I’m not looking. She acts all cool and aloof when, secretly, I know she can’t wait to get into my pants.

I can see why *blushes* How did you feel when you first saw Amy again?
The old feelings came rushing back. I knew I couldn’t let her go again, but I was nervous about how we would overcome the barrier of my brother.

That’s understandable. So, what would you say is the overall theme of your story?
*Silently contemplates the question* Sometimes life throws you a curveball, but never give up hope.

Tell us about your tattoo.
Oh yeah, you like it? I’ve had it since college. My mate and I got bored, one time, and decided to get inked up. I chose something that represented personal power and the ability to overcome obstacles. *chuckles* My mate put his ex’s name in a heart. He’s still regretting that one.

Yes, I bet. So, tell me. What makes you happy?
Being with my girl.

Naturally. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to do a quick fire five.

Where would your dream vacation be?
A secluded beach with only Amy for company.

What do you wear in bed?
Nothing, babycakes. *winks*

Who was your first love?
My motorbike.

Three words that best describe you.
Persistent, loyal, *cocks eyebrow* sexy.

Who would play you in a movie?
Hmm… A young Rob Lowe would be good, or, I know, Colton Haynes. Yeah, he’s a cool guy.

What’s next for Josh and Amy? A beach wedding in Greece?
*laughs* Good one. No. Amy wants to return to Greece for a holiday, but I’ll be taking her to a different island, far away from my brother. At the moment, we’re both busy with our careers and enjoying life. As for marriage, let’s just say you’ll have to watch this space.

Well, thank you for the interview, Josh. I had fun.
No problem, sweetcheeks.

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Most of Raquel’s childhood was spent taking long walks in the beautiful English countryside with only her imaginary friends for company. She has lived around Pendle Hill, a magical mysterious place, all her life and has always been interested in the folklore surrounding it. Some of her favourite places have been the inspiration for her books’ settings.

She currently lives near Pendle Hill with her partner, two teenage daughters, and bunny rabbit Florence.

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