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{Book Blitz + Giveaway} Dear Adam by Ava Zavora

 {Book Blitz + Giveaway} Dear Adam by Ava Zavora


Dear Adam by Ava Zavora
Publication: September 16th, 2013 (First published August 31st, 2013)
Category: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
“You’re the more real to me than any man I’ve ever known …”

To book blogger Eden, Adam is the embodiment of every literary fantasy she’s ever had. Intelligent, wickedly funny, sexy, and attentive – he and his fascinating life seem right out of a novel. Their whirlwind relationship is so intense and all consuming that soon she can’t imagine being with anyone else.

But there’s one little thing that’s keeping Adam and Eden from their happily ever after.

They’ve never met. She doesn’t even know what he looks like.

Despite how hard she’s fallen for him and how he makes her feel, Eden’s doubts begin to threaten their passionate love affair. Why is he so mysterious? Why does he seem reluctant to meet her? What is Adam hiding?

Afraid that she’s being made a fool of, Eden is forced to choose between her heart and her head. Is Adam too good to be true, as her common sense is telling her, or is the truth more startling than fiction?

  Interview with Ava Zavora, author of Dear Adam

• Describe Dear Adam in five words.

Dramatic. Romantic. Sexy. Intelligent. Unexpected.

• What inspired the idea behind the book?

Sometime last year, I saw the movie Catfish. Then got sucked into the TV show, which is so addictive. And then the whole Manti Te'o cauldron of strangeness. Online relationships seemed to explode onto the mainstream in a space of a few months. The idea of falling in love with someone you've never met just fascinated me.  

• What was the most challenging part of writing it?

Editing is the bane of my existence!  But a very important step in the process so I try to do multiple rounds until I am to my limit.  Then do a few more just to be safe.

• Adam and Eden have a passionate love affair, though they have yet to meet. Describe the romance either before or after they do meet.

Even before they meet, Adam and Eden have a very intense chemistry intellectually, emotionally, and even physically. They do everything they can to have the strongest connection possible until they feel closer to each other than with anyone else they've ever met. Do they meet? I will not say ...

• How are you like (or not like) your characters? 

Like Adam and Eden, I am a passionate bibliophile. If ever I was to fall in love with a stranger online, striking up a conversation with me about books would be a straight path to my heart! 

• Besides writing, what other artistic talents do you have?

Not sure if it's a talent, but I dabble in photography/visual arts.  One night I was tired of editing my manuscript (see question #3, above) so to take a break I decided to make covers for fake books mentioned in Dear Adam. That was the creative jolt I needed and went back to editing refreshed.  

• You're stressed. What's the first thing you do or reach for?

CHOCOLATE! (Another thing I have in common with Eden)

• Are you currently writing another book?

I am in the middle of an epic historical fantasy, which is in terrible need of editing. Woe is me.

• Your automatic buy-list authors:

Kate Morton, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Laini Taylor, Elizabeth Kostova, Dan Brown (but only because my mom wants to read him ... shhh ... )

• What advice would you give aspiring authors?

"Butt in chair" is the best advice I've ever heard. Also related is "Published writers are writers who have learned how to finish." 

Author bio:
In her childhood, Ava Zavora  used to ride water buffaloes and wade in swamps. When she discovered books, she would go adventuring with Anne of Green Gables, the Pevensies, Bilbo Baggins, or Alanna of Trebond. She incurred her mother's displeasure for reading too many romance novels, so she learned to hide them and read underneath covers with a flashlight late at night. Now, she travels and write dark fairy tales and romantic novels about adventurous women. And she still stays up too late reading, even though she doesn't get in trouble for it anymore.


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