Sunday, May 5, 2013

{YA Mini Review} Rival Love by Mary Gehling

{YA Mini Review} Rival Love by Mary Gehling
Circumstances have messed up Ashlee Stones life. She didn't want to start her senior year at her towns rival school, Westview High, but she did. She didn't want to be elected co-president of Westview High but it happened. She didn't want Tanner Ryan, the rudest guy she'd ever met to be her co-president, but he was. She hated to think he was the cutest guy she'd ever seen but she did. And she certainly didn't think she'd want to go to the Fall Frolic with Tanner but she did. Ashlee is stronger than she thinks and maybe, just maybe, she can turn things around so the circumstances are in her favor.
Kindle Edition, 1st, 147 pages, published July 10th 2012 by Mary Ann Gehling 

3/5  - A short, sweet story about falling in love with the enemy.

Westview High and Carlton High have consolidated but the 'Carlies' and 'Westies' are determined not to integrate. As co-presidents 'Carlie' Ashlee and 'Westie' Tanner are supposed to work together to smooth the transition. That mission, and their relationship is challenged by misconceptions, misinterpretations, missed messages, and Tanner's perfectly horrible girlfriend.

Rival Love is well written, well edited (for a self-published work) and filled with teenage angst. Ashlee is likable and relateable as she navigates her way through the Westview halls and tries to deal with an increasingly appealing Tanner. Tanner is multi-faceted. We're never quite sure who he is, is he the jerk or is he the dream guy, something that makes him all the more interesting.

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