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My Wolf's Bane by Veronica Blade -- YA review

My Wolf's Bane by Veronica Blade -- YA mini review

Different species. Mortal enemies. It'll never work, but they'll die trying.

Autumn Rossi thought she was a normal teenager. Suddenly, she can outrun every critter in the forest, making her wonder if she’s even human.

When the new guy at school, Zack de Luca, witnesses a questionable scene, he unfairly pins her as stuck-up. He acts like he hates her, yet he keeps bailing her out of trouble. Not only is Zack both insufferable and irresistible, he seems to sniff her anytime he gets close.

As passion flares between them, Autumn isn’t sure which is more dangerous: her psycho ex-boyfriend, or falling for Zack — who’s risking his life just by being near her.
(Blurb from Goodreads)
Details: Crush Publishing, Inc., Released January 28, 2013, ebook, 389 pages
Genre: YA
Source: Amazon Prime lending library
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Stars? 3/5


An often used ploy, new guy comes to town, girl discovers there is something different about her and drama, hijinks and chaos follow. I do think Blade has an interesting take on paranormals, the relationship between werewolfs and pack and other shifters. It's certainly not warm and fuzzy.

The relationship between Autumn and Zack wasn't easy, there was a lot of glaring, misconceptions, and outright dislike. So many YA books have instalove, that definitely wasn't the case for Autumn and Zack. Autumn was forgettable. I thought I'd have more empathy for her because of what she went through with her boyfriend and her best friend and with Zach always thinking the worst of her but it took until the very end of the book for me to care about her. Despite that, at the end, I'm rooting for her. I liked Zack from the beginning. Zack was likable, honorable, loyal, willing to defend Autumn even when he doesn't like her, even when he should stay very far away from her.

There were several discordant notes, most of all Autumn's relationship with her parents. They went from uber-overprotective parents to laizze-faire, 'we're going out of town and we'll be back at some point'. I'd assume that there's more to that story but we're not given any more clues in this book.

At the end I was wondering what would happen next, I think Blade has created a very interesting paranormal world inhabited with complex characters but I'm not biting my nails waiting for the next book.

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