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My Sister's Luck by Kate Oliver -- YA Review

My Sister's Luck by Kate Oliver -- YA Review

In this humorous retelling of a traditional folktale, Amy's older sister Kim was born with fabulous luck. Amy? Not so much. But when Amy accidentally meets Kim's luck--who turns out to be a really cute guy--she sets out on a mission to change her luck for good.
Details: Released March 15, 2012, ebook, 9 pages
Genre: YA
Source: Kindle
Links: Goodreads

Stars? 4/5


Amy has bad luck. As she says "My luck is so bad I should be walking around with one of those giant sandwich boards. It would say, "Danger: natural disaster in progress! Take Cover!" Seriously. If there's something to trip over, I fall flat on my face. If I'm running late, I hit all the red lights. If there's a cute guy within fifty feet of me, I have spinach in my teeth and toilet paper on my shoe. It never fails." (from Her older sister Kim is the girl who gets away with everything, who has perfect grades and everything goes her way.

And then Amy meets Kim's luck. Lucks are actually people and Amy's luck just isn't as conscientious as Kim's luck.  With Kim's luck by her side Amy goes on a midnight adventure that leads her to a rave, where she encounters more bad luck, to Wal-Mart at 2 am (with the obligatory 'People of Wal-Mart' sighting), where she encounters, you can see it coming, right? more bad luck. But just maybe her luck will change.

This is a super short story, only 9 pages, but it's worth the few minutes it takes. I liked Oliver's writing style and I liked Amy. Amy is snappy and sarcastic and resigned to her sister's charmed   existence, if I were Amy I would have been plotting Kim's downfall, but Amy just keeps plodding along, dealing with what she's given.

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