Monday, February 22, 2016

{eARC Romance Review} Countdown to Zero Hour (Black Ops: Automatik #1) by Nico Rosso

Countdown to Zero Hour (Black Ops: Automatik #1)

Countdown to Zero Hour (Black Ops: Automatik #1) by

Black Ops: Automatik

Ex–Special Forces agent Artem "Art" Diaz is tatooed, muscular and undeniably dangerous. He's also deep undercover, posing as mob muscle for a deadly bratva boss. His mission: gain the Russians' trust. Then lead the strike team that will kill them all.

Chef Hayley Baskov knows better than to get involved with someone with such close mafia ties, but the handsome bodyguard who brought her to this cold, sprawling estate full of ruthless mobsters is inexplicably kind. A little firtation may keep her safe amidst the growing menace.

As Art’s timetable for action escalates, so do his encounters with Hayley. Stealing what illicit pleasure they can keeps them both sane in the face of evil. But when things get dangerous, Art has to tell her about his assignment, bringing her deeper into the shadowy world of black ops...and putting her life on the line.

Now Art has a new objective: protect Hayley from the man they both call boss. (Blurb via Goodreads)
{Details} eARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Expected publication: February 22nd 2016

{Rating} 4/5 - I really liked it!


I absolutely loved the relationship between Art and Hayley. I adored the way Art supported Hayley, mentally and physically, reminding her of how much she'd survived, that she was strong, that she could handle anything that came her way. Hayley was great for Art, reminding him of his softer side, that there was someone who could love him and who he could love.

I really enjoyed the writing style. Nico Rosso did a great job of keeping the tension, the sense of impending battle throughout the entire novel. I do have to note that Art is a really unsexy name. The cover model is exactly how I pictured our hero and all through the book, that how I saw him, but I really couldn't get over the name. I know, I know, it's a really nit-pick thing to mention but the name 'Art' kept taking me out of the story. I mentally substituted his full name, Artem.

I'm officially hooked on this series. I was excited by the few glimpses we get of the other members of the Automatik group and hope to meet each of them again in their own novels.

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