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{Review} Red Palace (White Hart #2) by Sarah Dalton

Red Palace (White Hart, #2)

Red Palace (White Hart #2) by Sarah Dalton

I am here when you run from me,
You cannot touch me, but I make you cold.
I am there in the faint of heart,
But rarely with the daring, and bold.

One by one the members of court fall, cursed into a deep sleep. Silence spreads through the castle, and only Mae Waylander stands.

To break the curse, Mae must face a formidable opponent. She is the only one with a chance to restore order to the Red Palace, but she is unprepared for the trials that await her. She is brave at heart, but is her bravery enough?

In this thrilling follow up to White Hart, Mae faces her toughest challenge yet. With temptation, fear, and evil in her path, can she complete her task? And what will she lose in doing so? (Blurb via Goodreads)
{Rating} 4/5 - I really liked it!

An exciting second installment in the White Hart series. Very little time passes in Red Palace but so much happens to Mae and so much changes her. I can't say much about the plot of the book without giving it away but I liked how the events forced Mae to confront her fears, her past, to endure horror, to make sacrifices, in order to become who she needs to be; the craft-born with so much on her shoulders, but also to learn to value herself, to see how strong she has become. 
And Cas. I missed seeing the Cas from White Hart but the little we did see of him reinforces what a sweet guy he is and that the Mae/Cas romance is a very, very, very, slow burning one.   
In Red Palace we also learn some secrets, secrets that will surely play out in future books and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

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