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{Minute Reviews} The Rise & The Surge (Project Grey Stream Book 1 & 2) by Cristina Vittoria Mancini

{Minute Reviews} The Rise & The Surge (Project Grey Stream Book 1 & 2) by Cristina Vittoria Mancini
The Rise (Project Grey Stream Book 1)

The Rise (Project Grey Stream Book 1) by

When the world feels like an illusion, how do you separate truth from the lies?
Amanda Jensen has been dragged across the country since she was eight years old by her paranoid, drug-addicted mother. Navigating a new school every few months isn't her biggest problem. Hiding her secret, the fact that she can see buildings breathe when she looks at them, is.
In Chicago her vagabond life comes to a crashing halt when she is drawn in by researchers still hunting for a breakthrough in remote viewing, a scientific study of psychic phenomenon pursued by the Army decades ago. She moves to the unique community of Weston where nothing is as it seems; especially not the peculiar boy across the street whose strict father has been training him for military service since he took his first step. Soon Amanda is questioning the motivations of the people she is just beginning to trust, those she is suspicious of, and questioning what it is to be human. (Blurb via Goodreads)
The Surge (Project Grey Stream Book 2)

The Surge (Project Grey Stream Book 2) by

Amanda Jane Jensen is either crazy, haunted, or a demon.
Oh, and her name isn't really Amanda Jane Jensen.
In The Rise, she discovered she has a unique ability to see through other people's eyes. The only problem, she can't see what's going on in front of her own.
{Details} Kindle Edition, 240 pages. Published October 9th 2015 by Lanata Snow Books 
{Rating} 4/5 - I really liked them!
One of the most unique, intriguing premises, fast paced, full of mystery and drama. A strong, resilient heroine, a boy who cares for her and confuses her in turns and a whole lot of secrets.

Amanda is a survivor. A heroine that has endured a horrible childhood, she learned young not to count on anyone but herself. She's also learned to hide her unique abilities. She just didn't know how unique she was until she stumbles upon some researchers who know more about her than she does. I liked Amanda from the start, her outlook on life, the way she just keeps going, and over the course of the novel, only liked her more.

I devoured The Rise and quickly moved on to The Surge. As fast paced and exciting as the first novel big things happen in The Surge. There are big changes, big moves forward, a few answers but there is still a lot more left undiscovered, leaving me eager for book three. It's official, I am hooked on this series.

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