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{Blog Tour + Review + Favorite Quote + Giveaway} Losing the Ice (Ice #2) by Jennifer Comeaux


Series: Ice #2
Release date: February 23rd 2015
Purchase: Amazon

Synopsis via Goodreads:
Courtney and Josh are in love and excited to finally compete as skating partners. When they take the ice for their first competition, they want to show everyone, especially Josh's family, they are the perfect pair. 
But ice is slippery, and one misstep puts all their dreams in jeopardy. Now they must show each other both their love and their partnership are strong enough to survive.
About the Author
Jennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by day, writer by night. There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana, but she’s a die-hard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating. 
One of her favorite pastimes is traveling to competitions, where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing. Jennifer loves to hear from readers! 
{Details}  ebook. Published February 23rd 2015. Source: ebook provided in exchange for an honest review

{Rating} 4/5 - I really liked it!


Losing the Ice, a novella length follow up to Crossing the Ice, picks up about eight months later, Courtney and Josh have been skating together and are about to compete in their first big competition. They're on the ice and then everything goes wrong.

Losing the Ice focuses on the aftermath of the incident - which I can't say more about because I don't want to spoil it. What happens tests them as partners, romantically and as skating partners. I enjoyed seeing Courtney and Josh together. Even when it's hard, even when everything is going wrong, you can feel that they love each other so much that they're going to find their way back to each other.

Josh's family also reappears. His parents are still the same, they're cold, dismissive, not supportive, still trying to push him back into the role they want him to have. It's terrible that they can't appreciate how amazing their son is. Courtney surprised me - in a good way. We get to see a side of her we didn't before, I might gasp actually start to like her.

And of course there is skating, good skating, not so good skating, and then, finally, the Pride & Prejudice inspired program. Losing the Ice left me wanting more, I am eagerly awaiting Ice #3, Taking the Ice.

And my favorite quotes from Losing the Ice?
"I loved my boyfriend.
I loved Josh's sweetness, his sensitivity, his passion, and his creativity. I loved how respectfully he treated me both as his girlfriend and his skating partner, and I loved how his clear blue eyes could melt me all over with just one look." (location 24)
"He smiled and wrapped one arm around me. "This day is my favorite everything." (location 1711)


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