Friday, November 14, 2014

First Line Friday (50) Undertow

First Line Friday is a meme hosted on Rampant Readers, where we share the first line of the novel we a currently reading in order to pique the interest of other readers like you. So basically, we just share the first sentence or two of the novel you are currently reading, and tell us whether or not it hooked you in!

The book:

Undertow, Wunderland #1 (NA Contemporary Romance)

Undertow, Wunderland #1 (NA Contemporary Romance) by

Six single girls. One sexy billionaire bachelor. All on a multi-million dollar yacht—What could possibly go wrong?

Sangria Henlie avoids reality TV like last season’s labels. She’s never watched The Bachelor, has no idea who won any season of Survivor, and couldn’t care less who’s on this season of Big Brother. She may be an entertainment law intern, but Sangria aspires to work with serious clients.
When her firm takes on a reality TV client, Sangria has no choice but to wade through ridiculous and tedious paperwork, heightening her distaste for unscripted television—And they upped the stupidity by putting the bachelor on a boat. For her, Undertow can’t sail out to sea—and her life—fast enough.
Mateo Darger puts the family shipping business ahead of everything—especially women. Going on Undertow was his uncle’s crazed idea. Mateo nearly backed out until he realized the advertising benefits. Six weeks with six lovely ladies in exchange for one hour of weekly prime-time television? Done deal.
But when Sangria visits his office to brief him about the do's and don’ts of this crazy cruise, the only thing he can think of is her—and by her clipped remarks, she thinks he's an unmitigated ass for taking part in a farcical charade.
At the last minute, he gets her on the boat. But he hasn't thought through his next move. She's furious—and Mateo has six other women to…ahem…impress? Will Sangria let down her guard, or will it be the longest six weeks of Mateo’s blessed billionaire life? 
(Blurb via Goodreads)
 The first line(s): 

"Disgusted didn't come close."

Yea! Disgusted? About what? Must find out.
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