Thursday, March 13, 2014

{Romance Minute Review} Blazing Nights (Night Games #1) by Linda Barlow

Blazing Nights (Night Games #1)

Shakespearean actress Kate Kingsley playacts for a living. But when you're pretending to be a witch, you're likely to draw the attention of a witch-hunter.

Internet crusader Daniel Haggarty takes his job of exposing frauds and charlatans seriously, and he has no tolerance for Kate's psychic mother, her seances, or her reincarnated cat.

While protecting her mom from the skeptical Daniel, Kate is irresistibly drawn by his dark sensuality. As the fires of love threaten to consume them both, it is no longer obvious who is practicing magic and who is under a spell. (Blurb via Goodreads)
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{Details} ebook, 321 pages. Published September 18th 2013 by Linda Barlow Books (first published September 17th 2013). Source: Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
{Rating} 3/5 - I liked it!
"She could feel his eyes on her." (page 1, line 1)
A story about belief, skepticism, fear, family, love. I enjoyed watching Kate and Daniel fall in love, him struggling with his feelings about the paranormal, her considering a new love after grieving for her husband, them learning to trust each other. I did think the cycle of threats - he threatens to go after her mother, she threatens back, they make up - got old quickly and I found myself doing a bit of skimming. I loved her circle of friends, friends that are more like family with their unwavering love and support. I'm excited that they'll be the focus of future books in the series.

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