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Ghost of a Chance by Flo Fitzpatrick -- Adult Romance Review

Ghost of a Chance by Flo Fitzpatrick -- Adult Romance Review

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Six straight men in the cast plus free Tex-Mex food? My friend Lida Rose sure knew how to persuade me. I signed on the dotted line and dusted off my dance shoes. I knew Bad Business on the Brazos would have them rolling in the aisles and standing up to cheer, whichever came first. But I didn't expect the ghost problem. As in the ghost of Don Mueller, the actor who was killed during the last performance of this show fifty years ago. He's flirting with me in a spectral kind of way ... and a ghost can make interesting things happen to a girl.

Like the gorgeous man on stage with me: Rafe Montez, my secret crush - also known as He Whose Perfect Profile Should Be On A Coin. I'm taking six feet of chiseled yumminess here. Lida Rose thinks Rafe is only acting, but that kiss we share in Act II sure feels real to me. As in earth-shaking, can't-breathe real... From blurb

Details: Zebra, Released August 1, 2004, mm pb, 320 pages
Genre: Romance
Source: purchased
Link: Goodreads

Stars? 4/5

In one sentence? Ghosts, murder, dancing, terrible names such as Delilah Delight and Nick Nefarious and popcorn.


An entertaining story set during the revival of the play Bad Business on the Brazos. Fitzpatrick has a well paced story that makes you want to keep reading to find out what crazy, insane, dramatic thing will happen next. The cast of characters are amusing and quirky which seems to be Fitzpatrick's forte.

Kiely, the heroine, was a sweet, likable, look before you leap girl who can hold her own. While we see little of Rafe he's the type of guy you want to see more of. Kiely does too. "Four hundred years ago, he would have been wearing armor, conquering Peru. I would have been first in line volunteering to be conquered." (pg. 29)

What I wanted more of: romance.

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