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The Witches of the Glass Castle by Gabriella Lepore -- YA Review

The Witches of the Glass Castle by Gabriella Lepore -- YA Review

"Being a teenager can be hard - all those new conflicts, all those expectations - but when you add to this potent brew the discovery that you're the heir to strange, magical powers, well, then you're really in for trouble...

Sixteen-year-old Mia and seventeen-year-old Dino are siblings like any other - they don't always get on but deep down they are fiercely loyal and protective of one another. But then, when one day Mia seemingly accidentally unlocks their witchcrafting heritage, it soon looks as if their new powers will tear them apart. Sent off to an ancient castle to learn their art, brother and sister struggle to come to terms both with their new selves and with the often perplexing relationships that their intoxicating new world opened up to them." - Blurb
Details: Book Guild Publishing, Released 2011, Paperback, 255 pages
Genre: YA
Source: won in a giveaway
Links: Goodreads and Amazon

Stars? 4/5

In one sentence? A quick and enjoyable read.

Though Lepore uses a popular trope she created a fun read with mostly likable characters and some unique elements. I thought Mia was a bit one dimensional, I would have liked character development in the line of what we saw from Colt. The charming, cocky Colt. I adored him, his constant statements of his superiority and his ... unique ideas about chivalry. (By the way I liked the way Lepore found to connect them) Lepore did a good job of showing Colt struggle between his growing attachment to Mia and his Hunter upbringing. A problem I had? (Spoiler alert: love? They're in love? Really!?)

What I wanted more of? Explanations. I felt the world was underdeveloped, there was little about the lore and about the Arcana and Hunters.

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